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Brian saves me over a hundred dollars with his low price guarantee. I prefer his service for the simple fact that my home gets cleaned with Eco-friendly green products.

Mailee Utica, 13502

As a parent you become protective of your kids and pets. So having my house cleaned with safe products is a must and having the foot traffic be erased is just a bonus.

Roman Downtown, 13502

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Ecodry NY of Utica Uses HOST Products
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Citywide Cleaning

Why do commercial and residential owners love our work so much? We are a certified HOST dry carpet cleaner. Using only organic ingredients that are certified by U.S. EPA, USDA, Green Seal and wool safe approved. Each service comes with free deodorizing.

Ecodry Carpet Cleaning of Utica is considered the #1 carpet cleaner in our beautiful city and surrounding sub-cities. Our business is fully insured and certified to use 100% plant based ingredients in our solvents. We go the extra distance and provide our technicians the best machines so that you as the customer get the best clean possible. We back up our services to the max, so if you would like us to do a cleaning demo - we can! If you are new to green cleaning, see what makes green cleaning with host dry preferred in schools. Ask for our 10% off!

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Experience & Education

To be the best you have to love what you do. Here at Ecodry, we continue our legacy of perfecting green cleaning. Our ingredients are premium but when coupled with the latest machines and hands-on education, you get exceptional results.

Not just any product can be labeled the green seal. The products we use comply through a rigorous set of criteria that is especially made to clean deeper and faster. If you are worried about wetness, our cleaning solutions dries faster then most.

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Faster Dry Times

We understand busy schedules, that is why our team of carpet cleaning Utica NY experts are punctual and efficient when it comes to cleaning. We do exceptional work for all types of carpet and delicate fibers. Removing stains is now easier with our new line of products and industry's top of the line machines.

Stubborn Stain Removal

Every stain is different, before we jump to a common service. Our individuals inspect the area and achieve the best clean by using alternative actions. Depending on the application, scrubbing will do too much damage and using too much liquid can spoil the fibers. You will get the best experience guaranteed.

Outside of Carpet

If you are looking for a complete floor makeover, we can surpass your expectations. Whether you have flagstone, limestone or travertine, using cutting edge technology can get your floors looking like new again.

Visit our carpet cleaning Syracuse NY page for more details.

Area Rugs & Upholstery

We have a unique approach to cleaning delicate items. Our solvents and solutions leave your materials with no foul odors. Even better is that we can clean right on the spot too without dealing with delivery charges or pick-ups.

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Read why HOST cleaning is better and in higher demand than regular carpet cleaners.

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