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Are your carpets making you sick?

by Ecodry New York

Impurities within the air indoors, is one of the leading causes of allergy flair ups within our homes, offices, schools and the like. If you’re inside and notice your allergies are bothering you, it’s likely caused by numerous impurities within the air in your home. Studies have shown that the air inside your home can be as much as 5 times more contaminated as the air outside. Which has numerous potential issues, especially for those suffering from allergies. Are your carpets making you sick? Being that all of us spend nearly 90% of our time indoors, reducing those contaminates can have a variety of benefits for you and your family.

Numerous studies have found that your common household carpeting has the 2nd highest concentration of allergens in your home. Dust mites thrive in carpeting and traps allergens within your carpeting. Along with other common household contributors such as the dust itself, mold, pet dander, mold and even cockroaches. Having a professional regularly clean your carpets is truly one off the best ways to combat common household allergens. More-so, if the professional you are using works with the highest quality products available.

Your vacuum does not have the ability to remove allergens from your carpeting.

Vacuuming by itself, will not rid the majority of the contaminants in your flooring. Ecodry NY utilizes the HOST™ dry extraction method and provides one of the most thorough, comprehensive and healthy services to your flooring. Research studies have shown that one cleaning with the HOST System using HOST Machines reduces: (EPA Establishment No. 074202-WI-001)

Dust Mites by 78%
Cat Allergens by 85%
Dust Mite Allergens by 75%
Mold Spores by 85%

And being that we use a dry application and removal process, there is no mold or mildew from wet carpets.

The HOST Dry Extraction process is the best way to significantly reduce known allergens from your home, with one of the safest, eco-friendly products on the market today. Summer has officially kicked off and with the summer season, comes friends, families, BBQ’s, pool parties, etc. Your home throughout the summer usually gets almost twice the traffic and takes almost twice the abuse as it does throughout the winter months. We will not only have your carpets looking amazing, it’s also nice to know that they will enable you and your family to breathe easier, literally!

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Are your carpets making you sick?
Are Your Carpets Making You Sick?