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Common Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

by Ecodry New York

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Regarding caring for carpets, the majority don’t consider much beyond vacuuming and/or the occasional spot cleaning due to a pet accident or a good steaming because the in-laws are coming over. We assume you’ve spent good money on your flooring and as most people, we also assume you’d like to protect your carpets as much as possible. Unfortunately, ignorance isn’t always “bliss”. We will take a look at a couple common carpet cleaning misconceptions people make that could end up costing you more money in the long run.

“Those sprinkle-on deodorizers work just fine on my carpets, it would be silly to pay a professional”

BEWARE – THESE CAN WREAK HAVOC ON YOUR CARPETING! Most sprinkle-on carpet products contain talcum powder, talcum powder does not have the ability to dissolve in water. After repeated use of sprinkle-on products, the powder accumulates and will embed itself in your carpeting. The next time you go to clean your carpets, the water from the process will become absorbed by the talcum and dry, which will result in very distinct and noticeable white stains throughout your carpeting.

“We just purchased a brand new home last year, our carpets don’t need cleaning”

Most folks don’t wait to take their vehicle to the mechanic after the engine starts knocking. They have it maintained, most new cars will notify you when it’s time to take it in for maintenance. Granted, most people, not all, don’t spend $30k on their carpets. That said, if you’re going to wait until your carpets are noticeably dirty, you could be doing irreversible damage to your brand new floors. Dirt by nature, is abrasive. The motion of the daily wear and tear from people and pets will not only cause that abrasive dirt to work its way into the carpeting fiber, it will actually cause that fiber to begin to break down. If not cleaned properly and regularly you could be throwing money down the drain.

“We can’t afford to hire a professional, we will save money and rent the machine ourselves”

You see them all over, those little red things at nearly every grocery store, Lowe’s and Home Depot with stickers of happy people and bleached white carpets. Yeah.. we see those too. What initially may seem like a wise, economical move, they have some critical downfalls that may make you want to reconsider saving a couple bucks. The problem with those little red rental units is that the volume of water they incorporate into your carpeting is impossible for them to remove effectively. Well, that becomes kind of a problem here in the northeast with the humidity. Being that we’re not blessed with an arid climate, the moisture left behind by the happy red rental unit can take forever to dry properly, which often causes mold, mildew and destruction of the backing underneath your carpets.

Maintenance and regular care of your carpeting are critical to not only the aesthetic of your home or workspace but getting the most out of your investment as well. Ecodry NY will not only have your carpets as clean and dry as they can possibly get, we will help you protect your investment long-term.

If you need your carpets done right, give us a call or send an email and get on the schedule today!

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Common Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions
Common Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions