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Dirty tile and grout, Ecodry NY

by Ecodry New York

Dirty Tile and Grout = Funky House Smell

I’m sure we’ve all walked into a different home and noticed a very distinct, funky smell…it could be coming from dirty tile and grout. Just like carpets, tile floors can harbor odors from shoes, spilled food and drinks, dirty feet and even water that gets trapped during mopping.

It’s quite surprising the amount of bacteria that can develop in your tile and grout. In a study recently done by the University of Arizona, nine different species of bacteria were found in tile floors – most of which came from people’s shoes. These bacteria can be harmful to humans and lead lead to infections in your eyes, stomach and lungs.

If you notice a distinct odor that may be difficult to identify, this is most likely due to dirty tile and grout. Your next call should be to Ecodry NY, one of our qualified technicians can come out, identify the odor and have your home looking AND smelling great!

Here’s a few tips to keep the odor away between cleanings;

• Ask your family & friends to remove their shoes upon entering your home.
• Clean any spills right away to prevent absorption.
• Keep trash cans off your tile and grout.
• Avoid smoking inside the home and if so, ventilate fully and adequately.
• Clean your restroom, especially around the toilet and tub with an active enzyme.
• Make sure to have Ecodry NY deep clean your tile and grout at least once per year.

In addition to providing unparalleled carpet cleaning and upholstery services, Ecodry NY will also have your tile and grout looking, smelling and feeling as good as it did the day it was set. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email or give us a call directly.

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Dirty tile and grout, Ecodry NY
Dirty Tile and Grout Equals Funky House Smell