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Increase Value With Clean Carpets

by Ecodry New York

When Selling Your Home, Clean Carpets Are Imperative

Into the spring and throughout the summer, traditionally we see an increase in people selling homes. In the process of selling your home, there’s some overhead expenses that most people invest in to ensure they’re able to get top dollar on their home. Flooring is one of the first things potential buyers notice when they walk through the door. The quintessential term “it takes money to make money” and getting a home prepared to sell is a prime example of this. Having clean carpets, along with your tile and grout looking as good as possible will have an impact on people walking through and in-turn, help your home sell faster.

Of course, there may be tile in the bathrooms and laminate in the kitchen, but traditionally, carpeting is still what covers most of the floors in a majority of homes throughout the country. Sure wood flooring and laminate are becoming more popular options, but carpet is still the top choice for living rooms and bedrooms everywhere. Buyers are going to notice your carpeting and it’s condition. Let’s face it, in order to sell your home quickly, your carpeting needs to look better than the “comps”.

The national average is that a couple will look at 15 homes before they buy one. What this means is that most potential buyers have a basis for comparison – and they are measuring your home against every other home they’ve seen. Yep, in regards to your carpets, it’s a good idea to ‘Keep up with the Jones’ If your carpeting doesn’t look as good or better, it’s an automatic deduction, and you can be sure they will automatically estimate the cost of replacing it, and deduct that from the asking price for your home. The condition of your carpets can actually COST you money! And if the carpeting is truly terrible, or worse – it smells, it can drive a buyer out of a home entirely. Having your carpets, tile AND upholstery professionally cleaned prior to listing or showing your home is an absolute necessity.

The ‘do-it-yourself’ approach surely is better than nothing but unless you’re a professional who does it for a living, your carpets will not get as clean as they potentially could. Absolutely, it’s slightly more economical. But if you account for the cost of renting the equipment, the cost of the chemicals, time and energy required to get as much dirt and grime out of your carpets as your able to, is it worth the savings? EcodryNY will come out to your home, save you the time and energy, AND have your carpets looking better & healthier than any DIY option. If you’re considering selling your home, clean carpets are imperative and EcodryNY love to help you get the most return on your investment as you possibly can. Contact us today for your free consultation!

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Increase Value With Clean Carpets
Increase Value With Clean Carpets