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Will Steam Cleaning Carpet Kill Mold

by Team Ecodry NY

It’s never fun to discover mold in your home, as it smells bad and is a health hazard. As soon as you notice any mold in your house, you should work on getting rid of it. One of the many options to fight mold is steam cleaning, but will steam cleaning carpet kill mold? That is the question you should ask before getting your hopes up. 

Will Steam Cleaning Carpet Kill Mold

In this article we will answer whether or not steam cleaning will get rid of mold completely. The post will also detail the process of fighting mold infestation in your carpet. 

Ways to kill Mold in Your CarpetWill Steam Cleaning Carpet Kill Mold

There are several methods to get rid of mold from your carpet. Top in the list is steam cleaning. It is true that steam cleaning your carpet kills mold. However, you should dry your carpet adequately once you use steam cleaner on it. 

Other methods are using baking soda, vinegar, and HEPA vacuuming. Each of the methods is effective if you do it the right way. Remember, you should not combine the methods. Use each one at its own time and settle for what is effective to you. Once the mold is eliminated, our carpet cleaning services can ensure your carpet remains free of buildup and bacteria.

Step by Step Process of Killing Mold from Your Carpet

Regardless of the method you use, you should follow the same procedure. Here is a general approach to dealing with mold infestation in your carpet;

  • Identify Where the Mold is Lodged: is it in your car mat or house carpet? Knowing where the mold is infested is the first step to dealing with the demon. Do your investigation and identify the exact area where the mold has set camp. 
  • Once you know the exact location of the mold, you can now go ahead and choose the method you are going to use. Remember the location of the mold will play a big role in determining the most effective method. For instance, if the mold is deep into the carpet fabric, you will require a deep penetrating method to reach to its roots. 
  • Before you get to work, ensure that you are wearing protective gear. Mold is dangerous and you should not breathe it in or let it touch your skin. 
  • If you are not comfortable handling the mold problem, it is advisable to get professional help. The advantage of using experts is that the problem is dealt with completely. 

How to Prevent Mold

Will Steam Cleaning Carpet Kill Mold

Will Steam Cleaning Carpet Kill Mold

It is always better to prevent mold than having to remove it. Since we know its cause is moisture, you should do your best to keep your house and carpet from excess moisture. Increase your house lighting, improve ventilation, fix leaks, and vacuum your carpet regularly. Without moisture, you will never have to deal with the nightmare of mold. 

In Conclusion

Will steam cleaning carpet kill mold? Of course, yes. But this is not the only method you can use to deal with mold. Baking soda and vinegar are also other effective methods. Start by identifying the location of the mold and choosing the most effective method. With the mold gone, our team here at Ecodry Carpet Cleaning New York will ensure your carpets are cleaned thoroughly and free of grime and stains.

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Will Steam Cleaning Carpet Kill Mold
Will Steam Cleaning Carpet Kill Mold